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Blog moved to!

Finally have moved my blog from to my own Web site,! I have been working on this over the summer and moved most of the old posts over. Took a bit of time to learn the WordPress interface but happy I am finally taming this beast. Please bookmark the address or you can subscribe to the RSS feed if interested. Post will be also pulled to my Facebook account. Thank you all for reading!

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Now on Twitter.

Finally joined the Twitter crowd to separate the hype from the reality. It really is geared for mobile communication with a posting limit of 140 characters but I have already learned a few things from other members. Switching gears from posting a paragraph to a sentence is really a challenge. Feel free to follow my Red Line Studio tweets!

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5 miles, 34:34!

Ran in the Schoolcraft Firecracker 5 Mile Run Saturday morning. There were quite a few more participants this year over last year (I think a hundred more) so I didn’t get in the top 40, which was my goal. But I did run my goal of just under 7 minute miles, ran 6:52 minute miles, and finished 44th over all and 3rd in my age group! So I am very happy with the results and now, back to marathon training. I forgot I was running the race this weekend so my 18 mile run for Sunday got pushed back a week. It’s okay, I got my speed work in for the week so now it is all about distance.

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Done, done, done! A long time coming, finally completed with the redesign of my brother’s Web site, As a nonrepresentational abstract artist, this was an image intensive project with many hours of Photoshop editing to get the job done. Plus a bit of JavaScript knowledge to modify the gallery and get it to behave. Please check out his site, look around, and buy some artwork! Website

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Austin Lake Chiropractic Web site finished!

Just finished uploading the completed Web site for Austin Lake Chiropractic! This is my first paid Web site project and I’m feeling very good. Learned a ton building it and really enjoyed the challenge. I am also a patient of Dr. Lynes at Austin Lake Chiro. He is amazing! Helps keep me feeling good and on the road during all of my race training. If you need an adjustment, pain relief or just aren’t feeling quite right surf on over to the site and contact Dr. Lynes!

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Found more Robins to feed.

Feeding a baby RobinThere is a Robin’s nest in one of the lilac bushes near our driveway with 4 babies that hatched about a week or so ago. They are getting their plumage and most have their eyes open. And they are hungry! I tried feeding them several times but they kept moving their little heads around. Finally got a worm in on the third try.

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Feeding a baby Robin

While getting the hose out to water our garden, I almost stepped on a fledgling Robin nestled in the grass. Instead of bounding away when I approached it, the little birdie opened it’s beak to be fed. I guess I looked like his mother. So I dug up some worms, grabbed my brother to take photos, and obliged.

Feeding baby Robin 1.

Feeding baby Robin 1.

Feeding baby Robin 2.

Feeding baby Robin 2.

Feeding baby Robin 3.

Feeding baby Robin 3.

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Running again!

Now that the semester is over I can really get back to running. I took a swim class this semester and it really ate into my training. I’m glad I took the class and really improved my stroke, breathing, and learned how to dive. But running is really the only thing that keeps my sugar levels inline. Plus, I love to do it!

Ran the Borgess Half Marathon 2 weekends ago and it sure was hot! I think it was 78 degrees by the time I finished. Such a difference from last year when it was 40 something. I ran about 5 minutes slower than I wanted but finished a minute faster than last year. The heat can really make a difference. Below is me at the start. I’m the one in the orange shirt. My finish photo is too painful to share!

Borgess Half Marathon start.

Borgess Half Marathon start.

I was a bit disappointed with my time so I decided to redeem myself an ran the Triple Creek Dash 10k last weekend. And redeem I did! I came in 10th over all with a time of 44:20 and placed second within my age group. The first time for me to place and my personal best. Now it’s time to train for the Chicago Marathon.

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One last Java Script hurdle

So I finished all my Java Script projects for the semester last week…until I got to class on Monday and my instructor tells me that Project 3B isn’t working so he cannot grade it. I pull out my thumb drive, open the web page, and it works flawlessly. Double check that the proper file was uploaded to the school server, which it was, but it doesn’t work there. Not in Firefox, not in IE.

Two days later and lots of grumbling I figure out a fix. The fix of course doesn’t work locally, only when I upload it to the server! I still do not know exactly what is wrong but kinda have a clue. The project involves writing and then reading a cookie. The cookie tracks how many times a particular person has viewed the page and loads a different photo for each subsequent visit. It appears that the cookie the server writes is quite different than the one from the local machine.

My instructor hates cookies. Now I understand his feelings. If anyone out there has some knowledge about cookies (and I don’t mean the chocolate chip kind) I would greatly appreciate your enlightenment. The page works properly now, I would just like to know why!

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Semester almost over.

So the semester is finally winding down. All of my Java Script assignments are completed. The next couple of weeks should be pretty easy except for the final.

Now back to working on the Red Line Studio site! I uploaded Phase I last week, now I am just refining it a bit and preparing for Phase II, which will include the Java gallery.

One of my classmates, who is a wiz at Flash, is networking some of us designers and developers so we can start getting work. He used to sell insurance so is just the kinda guy to drum up business. I’m excited about having someone else find me work so I can focus on designing!

And finally, the website designer and developer students at KVCC have started their own student organization called Valley Devigners. We just started the organization so our website will not be up until the fall semester. I’m really excited about being appart of this group. It will give the designers and programmers an opportunity to interface outside of class and potential work on some projects together as well as offer a contact point to the surround communities. Appartently, quite a few job leads come through the school but there is no official way to deceminate the information!

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