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Semester almost over.

So the semester is finally winding down. All of my Java Script assignments are completed. The next couple of weeks should be pretty easy except for the final.

Now back to working on the Red Line Studio site! I uploaded Phase I last week, now I am just refining it a bit and preparing for Phase II, which will include the Java gallery.

One of my classmates, who is a wiz at Flash, is networking some of us designers and developers so we can start getting work. He used to sell insurance so is just the kinda guy to drum up business. I’m excited about having someone else find me work so I can focus on designing!

And finally, the website designer and developer students at KVCC have started their own student organization called Valley Devigners. We just started the organization so our website will not be up until the fall semester. I’m really excited about being appart of this group. It will give the designers and programmers an opportunity to interface outside of class and potential work on some projects together as well as offer a contact point to the surround communities. Appartently, quite a few job leads come through the school but there is no official way to deceminate the information!

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