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Snow, school, and work oh my!

Yes, winter is upon us. It snowed this weekend…while I was out on my 10 mile Saturday run. Ugh!  The snow itself doesn’t bother me so much, it is that cold, penetrating wind. So unbearable and it makes me soooo cold. Just don’t want to do anything but stay inside and sleep. At least I feel good! Swimming 2 days a week too at KVCC. So nice to have free access to a sports center. And very few people use the pool during open swim which is a nice change from the Bud Kearns Pool I used to swim at in San Diego.

Soooo much going on right now. School is really consuming me with only 4 more weeks left until the end of the semester. And the work load seems to be doubling. But it will all be over soon. I’m only taking 2 classes next year! I’ve inquired about a position at the photo lab so I think I will at least have access to a dark room. That will be a relief. I really cannot fit in another photography class for awhile but just couldn’t bare not being able to print. Working in the lab will not make me rich financially but will definitely provide priceless instruction on the finer arts of photo development and printing and access to a great scanner.

I am now working for Gazelle Sports in Kalamazoo doing data entry for their switch over between inventory tracking systems. I have a ton of experience doing this for Adventure 16 so they pretty much hired me on the spot. It is a part-time, temporary position which works out fine with me. Especially the discount! Great people, great store, love to run!  But it is hard to fit everything in to my schedule. My work on the Austin Lake Chiropractic Web site has slowed because of it but was able to get the First Visit page done this week and another should be done by next. Love my XHTML class right now. I learn something useful everyday we have class and am looking forward to the JavaScript class.

Hope to have some new photos uploaded soon. I have another assignment due next week and need to start working on my portfolio. There should be something good in there to share.

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