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The TRUTH about the candidates Health Care Proposals (read: McCain's sucks!)

One of the major reasons I support Barrack Obama is his true attempt to fix our health care system failure in the U.S. I’ve read his plan and McCain’s and found Obama’s proposal covers more of the uninsured, includes provisions to reduce costs, and requires equatable coverage to those with chronic illnesses (no insurance company wants to cover them and I know because I am one of them!). But don’t take my word for it. The Urban Institute, a nonpartisan economic and social policy research institute, said it best,

In short, Obama’s proposal contains the basic components necessary for effectively addressing the most important shortcomings of the current health care system, that is, limited coverage, inadequate risk pooling, and high-cost growth.

In brief, McCain’s proposal would dramatically change how many Americans obtain health insurance coverage, make coverage less accessible for those with health problems, have a high budget cost, but have little effect on the number uninsured.

The above quotes are from the summary. You can read the complete analysis of each candidates proposals at their website. This isn’t the only issue I’m concerned with but when you read the analysis, you learn a bit about what each candidate values and which one lies in their ads!

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